Parenting your own child or a foster child is very rewarding and can also be challenging. ALL parents need tools, resources and other parent connections to stay informed about community activities, safety tips, new practices in child development and just getting through the day with busy schedules. In addition to the resources that Norris has posted below, please let us know if you have additional resources, community activities or parenting tips to share. Please note that Norris is not responsible for creating the content in the links provided.


Norris works with children and youth who have experienced trauma in their lives and this trauma has impacted how their brain processes information, finding it difficult to manage their emotions and calm their minds. We have put together a list of recommended sensory products and books for individuals who work with or parent a child with sensory issues. Please visit our recommendations and for any purchases you make from this site, a portion of the proceeds will come to Norris to help support our mission. Thank you! 

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