Therapeutic Foster Care Program

The Beyond Fostering Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) program provides clinical interventions within the context of a licensed treatment foster family provided to children with significant behavioral, emotional and/or medical challenges.  Children referred to the TFC program generally have complex trauma histories including abuse and neglect.  Children served are between the ages of 0-21.  Foster homes are licensed in the State of Wisconsin at a 3 or 4 certification level for treatment foster care to accept foster care placement or respite.

The foundation of our programming is built on relationships.   Building and nurturing relationships with children and their families is the springboard for making progress on addressing the complex needs of children in foster care.  Our program believes that positive, lifelong impact occurs when foster parents not only provide care for the child in their home, but focus on creating relationships with the children’s family with the goal of sustaining change - Beyond Fostering.   We believe that connections matter which is why our staff help to facilitate engagement with foster families and birth families before children are even placed in the foster home and continue to coach and nurture these connections throughout placement and future transitions. Our program believes that it is in the best interests of children, whenever safe and possible, to be reunified with their biological families.  When this is not safe or appropriate, we work with the child’s treatment team to achieve timely permanence for children while maintaining family connections.

Our treatment philosophy is strengths-based, solution-focused, and trauma informed, incorporating evidence-based practices.  We believe in supporting a child’s safety, well-being and permanence. Understanding a person’s story is key to understanding their worldview.  Within the our program, this applies to everyone involved in a child’s life.  We believe that the foster parents are the change agents given their unique perspective and that they are not just fostering a child, they are fostering and mentoring a family.  All of our staff and foster parents receive specialized training in order to best meet the needs of the children and families served in the program.  Services can be provided in the community, in the foster family home, in the birth family’s home, in the school, or any other location as deemed appropriate by the treatment team.

The Need

There are over 400,000 children in foster care in the United States, 7,000 of which are in the state of Wisconsin.  There is a particular high need for foster families who can accept brothers and sisters, older youth and children with complex needs.

We believe that when positive connections are made, anything is possible.  The treatment team instills hope in the lives of the children and families served by cultivating lifelong relationships.  Connecting Families, Changing Lives.  Connections Matter.  Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent.