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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for Norris to maintain normal operations due to the safety risks posed to both our employees and for those we serve. Norris strives to ensure that we all stay healthy so we can continue providing quality care to those we serve, we can care for our families if needed and that we are not contributors to the spread of COVID-19 at Norris or in our communities. We take the most conservative approach to keeping COVID -19 at bay. Under guidance from both the Department of Health Services and the Department of Children and Families, we screen our youth and staff daily for any symptoms of COVID-19 as well as wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing.

At this time, Norris is only allowing essential visitors on our campus, which generally includes family members of those we serve, contractors, placing agencies and emergency personnel. If you are an approved family guest to our campus during this time, click below for more information on our COVID-19 protocols.

Covid-19 Information for Families and Guests