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Who is on your foster family team?

Licensed foster parents become part of a professional team that focuses on the strengths and needs of the foster child and his/her family.  

Successful foster parents also have a strong foster family team made up of family and friends who may or may not be foster parents themselves, but who support your fostering journey.

If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, talk with your family and friends.  It is important to identify your supports early on and who knows...maybe one or more of them is considering becoming a foster parent too?    

Who better to support you than someone who learns about the process with you?  Invite them to attend an informational meeting with you so they can be your extra set of eyes and ears and help you ask the right questions.  The more they know, the more support they can offer to you.

Contact us to schedule an informational meeting for you and your team at a time and place convenient for you.  Refreshments will be provided for groups of two or more people!


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