“Know that the kids have an invisible suitcase and you’re going to be helping them unpack it.”

Parenting a child who has experienced trauma is challenging but rewarding - we educate and support foster families through this in the following ways:

Training:  48 hours of training prior to accepting placement and ongoing training after licensure in a variety of topics and specialties

Accessibility: minimal weekly contact with masters-level staff when a child is in placement, access to a crisis phone answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, planned respite

Connections:  Access to foster parent support groups, involvement in program development, lifelong connections, recognition

Equal Partners: valued team member within a child’s treatment team and the Beyond Fostering TFC program

Recreation opportunities on the Norris campus

Financial reimbursement for children in placement

Title 19 health insurance for foster children

Curious about becoming a foster parent?  Discover the basic qualifications and licensing process required to welcome a child in need into your home.

Basic Qualifications
  • Can be single, married or partnered
  • Aged 21 or older
  • Have enough space
  • Be financially stable
  • Have support from family and/or friends
  • Knowledge of child development
  • Participate in background and reference checks
  • Attend and participate in trainings
  • Be committed, flexible and open, ask questions
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Have energy and time to devote to a child or youth
Licensing Process
  1. Inquire:  request information or call (262)222-2200
  2. Attend:   an orientation meeting to learn more
  3. Apply:  complete an application and other required paperwork including for background and reference checks.
  4. Home Visits:  participate in home visits for psychosocial interviews, allow for entire home to be viewed, attend training, ask questions.
  5. Licensing decision is communicated and if approved, a license is issued. Generally, the licensing process from application to receipt through a licensing decision being made takes 60-90 days.
  6. The child’s team agrees on placement in the foster home.  First meeting with the child and their family occurs.
  7. Child is places in the foster home.  Relationships are built and nurtured