Employee Spotlight: Katlyn Gahan, Residential Care Specialist

Autor: Sonja Kania, directora de talento y capital social

We’re excited to put the spotlight on Katlyn Gahan, one of our fantastic Residential Care Specialists!

Katlyn joined our staff last July, shortly after graduating with a Psychology degree from St. Norbert College.

She  states her interest in working at Norris stems from having always enjoyed youth, having younger siblings and being around all the “neighborhood kids”.

Katlyn has big plans for the future and is looking forward to beginning the next step in her career when she starts grad school in the fall at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology, with the ultimate goal of receiving her Doctorate…WOW!  Of course, we’re hoping she’ll remain at Norris part-time as she pursues those goals.

We like to get the “rest of the story” about our great employees, so we asked Katlyn to share some fun facts about herself by answering these questions:

What is your favorite food to eat or prepare?

It sounds weird, but my current food passion is sushi and we go out for it all the time lately.  I also like grilling out (spoken like a true Wisconsinite)!

¿Cómo eras en la secundaria?

I was kind of shy (really???) but broke out of my shell my Junior year.  I also played varsity softball and tennis.

¿Como gastas tu tiempo libre?

I mostly like to just relax.  I also like to watch Baseball.

¿Cuál es tu canción favorita de todos los tiempos?

I can’t think of a favorite song, but I really like Ed Sheeran.

Si recibieras suficiente dinero para no necesitar trabajar nunca más, ¿a qué dedicarías tu tiempo?

I would travel.  And, I would also buy a cabin up north for the summer and a house some place warm for the winter.

What is the best advice you’ve been given from staff since you started working at Norris?

It’s not really advice, but I have looked at Fred as a kind of a mentor and have watched how he works, and that has really helped me learn (makes sense since Fred just won the WACYCP Dedication Award).

What is your best advice of a new staff member at Norris?

Stay calm, and interact.

Thank you for sharing Katlyn and if you would like to join Katlyn as part of the Norris Team, visit the “Join Our Team” page on our website!