Hour 1, Day 1, Week 1 (Blog #2)

Autor: Julie H., madre adoptiva
Hour 1: Is This Really Finally Happening?

The first hour of having a child placed at your house is definitely surreal. In hindsight, I look back at that first hour and think, “Wow, here this kiddo just got dropped off at our house, and we are responsible for someone else’s child!” We have to make sure she’s healthy, not bleeding, breathing, fed, clothed, sheltered, etc! I know a lot goes into a placement before they are just “dropped” off…believe me…there’s a LOT that goes into a placement, but at the end of the day, a child is driven to your house and you immediately gain a huge responsibility. It’s mind-blowing if you really have time to think about it!

Day 1: Six Hours and Six Frogs

My husband, Jason, and I decided to both take that first day with our new kiddo (Miss D) off from work and I’m so glad we did! We unpacked a TON of stuff, reorganized, shopped for some organizational stuff for the room, grocery shopped for what Miss D likes to eat, and just settled in. I was exhausted by the 

end of the day! An unexpected adventure in our first six hours was Miss D, elbows up in muck and water, having a blast catching frogs with her bare hands! Who could have predicted that this girly 13-year-old girl from “the city”, the first chance she got to chase and catch frogs, would not only try and catch them but would proceed to save them and bring them to her bedroom? Of course, “grandma and grandpa”, by chance, had a complete set up of an aquarium and a coffee can to transport the frogs to our house with holes cut into the top lid. By the end of her first day, her room was starting to smell of frogs and she had a huge smile on her face!

Week 1: Vacation Already?

In our first week with Miss D, we went on a five-day vacation up to Mercer, WI. You ask “Where the heck is that?” It’s a mile from the Michigan border up near Lake Superior and Hurley, WI. Miss D learned what a small country town is really like! We got to swim in waterfalls, fish, atv (yes, she will be taking her atv safety course soon so she can drive herself), camp (although she calls it “Bougie Camping”), and shop at the “free store”. Yes, there is actually a “free store” in Mercer. Take what you want and leave a donation! Everyone’s spirits are up after week 1. We are enjoying having a girl in the house and she said she’s enjoying being the youngest in a family for the first time ever! 

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