Employee Spotlight: Dainey Burns, Unit Supervisor

Authored by: Alex Gigot, Training & Coaching Coordinator

I had the pleasure of being one of the first people to interact with Dainey on his first day at Norris, and to say that he made a great first impression would be an understatement.  Dainey is one of those people whose energy you feel the moment they step into a room. I took this opportunity to ask Dainey a few questions:

How long have you been at Norris and what is your current position?

One year, currently the unit supervisor of PHAISES but I have spent most of his time as an ACP on APEX.  I continue to serve our youth in a leadership position as I continue to work with the PHAISES unit in a part-time capacity.

 What is your first memory of Norris?

“Taking the entire Learning Center down to fish.”  Dainey remembered the collaboration that happened that day and the smiles on the kids faces.  

What is your  favorite norris thing about Norris?

“Having the ability to show your skills with whatever you do, as it applies to the boys”  Daniey really enjoyed all of the shop projects as it helped him learn just as much as the boys.

How do you spend your free time?

Daniey’s response, “What free time?”  Dainey has two full-time jobs but when he does get away from work he likes to spend time with his family going to museums, parks, zoos and taking part in family traditions like visiting Lake Geneva.

What are you most proud of?

Personally, Dainey is most proud of his being a father to his children and being able to see them grow.  Professionally, Dainey reflected on the first moment that he was able to connect with clients in the past and to see how his relationship with them has been able to change their lives.  Dainey also looks back on to the moment that he met his role model, Wilbur Allen (Director of Group Care). He is proud to have been able to learn from him and work with him.

What do you want Norris to know?

“Continue to pave the way and continue to look forward. I believe in what we are doing here and I want to be a part of it.”

Personally I would like to thank Dainey for the positive energy he brings to our agency everyday.  Dainey thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the boys we serve. You da man!

There are more Norris Employee Spotlights to come so stay tuned! If you are interested in joining the Norris team, please visit our “Join Our Team” page on our website for current openings.