Employee Spotlight: Don Carrington, Youth Care Worker

Authored by: Sonja Kania, Chief Talent & Social Capital Officer

I recently got the opportunity to sit down with one of our 3rd shift Youth Care staff, Don Carrington, in order to highlight his experiences as our next Employee Spotlight. I don’t get much time to talk with Don during our regular day-to-day responsibilities since he generally works on 3rd shift, but having this opportunity to talk with him and hear about some of his Norris stories (and life stories) has been so enjoyable!  Don is a really neat person and I encourage everyone to take time to connect with all staff on campus, across different shifts and units. You never know what you’re going to learn! It was interesting to learn that Don has worked at Norris for over 18 years and really has had the opportunity to work all shifts (daytime, evening and middle of the night) and has worked in the Residential Program and the Group Homes. Don really enjoyed his time in the Group Homes because it was a “home environment” for the boys. Don has also really enjoyed getting to know all of the different staff that have worked at Norris over the years. But he did say that his favorite part about Norris is the opportunity to take the kids down to the pond and building relationships with them while fishing. Such a unique experience we can offer to the boys here on our campus.  

I also got a chance to ask Don some fun questions about things he enjoys outside of his work here at Norris.  Thank you Don for sharing with me!

What is your favorite song of all time? 

Anything Jazz.  I also like R & B, little bit of country, something soulful.

If you received enough money to never work again, what would you spend your time doing?

I’d spend time with family.  Maybe go on a vacation. I really enjoy having a good time with family and friends.

What’s your favorite food to prepare (or eat)?

I really enjoy BBQ.  Chicken, ribs, hot dogs!

How do you spend your free time?  

Watching TV or movies.  I really enjoy Steve Harvey and Family Feud.  I like trying to guess the answers!! I actually enjoy cleaning up the house too.

What is the best advice that you could give to a new staff member at Norris?

Be yourself.  Pay attention to what other staff are doing and ask questions, pick up new skills.  Stick around!!

Stay tuned for more Norris Employee Spotlights coming soon!!