Norris Employee Spotlight: Scott Maday, Residential Case Manager

Authored by: Sonja Kania, Chief Talent & Social Capital Officer

Scott Maday has been a part of the Norris team in various different capacities since 2008. He started as a Youth Care Worker, working  at the Fannie Wells Group Home. From there, Scott worked as a Case Manager at Norris Academy in the Norris School District. After a short hiatus out of state, he returned to Norris to take on the role of Assistant Manager of the North Star unit; he got back to his roots and the Norris Why, which includes a strong commitment to working with our youth. Scott loves a challenge, and being a positive role model for the youth. In November, Scott took on the role of Residential Case Manager for Norris. In his new role, Scott will be spending more time working with youth from Apex, North Star and PHAISES, as well as working much more closely with the case managers from various counties across the State of Wisconsin.  Scott is looking forward to his new role because he enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and establishing connections with the youth and their families.

Scott is a natural leader who demonstrates a strong understanding of trauma informed care practice when it comes to engaging with the boys on campus. Scott was recently recognized on our Employee Shout Out Board for demonstrating a high level of patience and resilience when working with a youth over a long series of disruptive behaviors, during a short period of time. Rather than being frustrated with the youth and his behavior, Scott was “Able to look past all of the emotions to provide support, concern and empowerment to the youth.” Scott leads by example, no matter what role he is working in on campus.  

Congratulations Scott!!  And THANK YOU for your strong commitment and passion for working with the youth here at Norris.  

Stay tuned for more Norris Employee Spotlights in the coming months…