Your questions answered.

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Norris’ Group Care Program.  If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the contact us page.


Does a child have to be on a court order to receive residential treatment services, or can they be placed voluntarily?
Youth may only be enrolled in our residential treatment programs through either a pre- or post-dispositional court order. We are unable to accept private insurance at this time.
How can a youth access shelter care services?
Shelter care services are only able to be provided at our River Bend Place location to youth residing in Washington County. Respite arrangements must be made by the Washington County Human Services Department.
Does Norris offer respite care services?
At this time, Norris is not designated as a residential respite care provider at either of our locations.
Can a youth be placed at Norris for a shorter-term assessment period?
Wisconsin DCF 52 defines a “short-term” placement as a placement lasting less-than 90 days, and requires a special license designation for facilities providing this type of care. A variety of assessments, based on individual need and upon request, are available to all youth receiving residential care at either of our locations. 
How long does it take a child to complete residential treatment at Norris?
Treatment planning is personalized to meet the individual needs of each youth and family, therefore there is no predetermined length of stay for youth coming into care at Norris. Planning for discharge begins upon admission so that youth may be reintegrated back into the community when they have met their individual goals.
What personal items is my child allowed to bring to Norris?
Youth are encouraged to express themselves and their individuality in everything from their clothing and hairstyles to how they choose to decorate their rooms. While youth may not bring their own electronic devices, they may bring items related to a particular hobby or activity that they enjoy doing. Please see our “What Can I Bring?” handout for additional information on personal belongings.
When can I visit with my child, and when will my child be able to spend time at home?
Face-to-face family interactions are encouraged and can take place both in the home and in the community, and are guided by a youth’s family interaction and/or treatment plan and court order. Realizing that families’ schedules are often hectic, Norris does not have a set visiting schedule and offers flexibility based on family and program needs. Families are encouraged to schedule family interactions during times that will not interfere with educational or treatment services.
Transportation to and from Norris for visits and appointments would be a challenge for our family. Is there assistance available?
Transportation for family interactions is considered a shared responsibility between Norris, families, and placing agencies. If transportation is a barrier, your treatment team can work with you to create a plan to accommodate individual needs.
Where will my child attend school?

All youth receiving care at River’s Edge Campus attend Norris Academy, a public school within the Norris School District and located on River’s Edge Campus. 

Whenever possible, youth in care at River Bend Place continue to attend their home school. In the event that a youth cannot continue attending their home school or a school within Washington County, Norris recommends educational services through open enrollment in the Norris School District.