The secret to our success?


Our wellness page provides a range of resources available from Norris to support your health and wellbeing. These resources are designed to help you maintain good physical and mental health and include tools and information to help you make informed decisions about your health.

We firmly believe that our workforce is our most valuable asset and consider an engaged staff to be a foundational core value of Norris. When our staff is happy and caring, they naturally embody these values when interacting with our youth and partners, creating a positive impact throughout our organization.

Reminder for ALL employees:

1. If you are sick, please do NOT come to work. Call your supervisor if you are feeling ill.  Follow-up with your medical provider regarding recommendations for your individual situation (i.e. vaccinated staff, non-vaccinated staff, experiencing symptoms, etc.). Please keep Sonja Kania in Human Resources updated on any recommendations from a medical provider that would require you to be away from work.
2.  There are also many community options for COVID-19 testing if you are experiencing symptoms or just want to be cautious.  Please notify Sonja Kania in Human Resources of any positive test results.  Community Testing Resource: 
3.  Should any staff person or youth test positive for COVID-19, we will continue to follow the CDC guidelines for quarantine for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals.
4. Please note that as of September 30th, the EPSL benefit has expired so if you do need to quarantine, you will need to take PTO.