A grasshopper’s venom went into my finger! (Blog #11)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom

The sweetest thing happened to me. Maybe you won’t think it’s sweet, but at the moment, I thought “ohhhh, Miss D trusts me!”. Here’s the story:

Let me set the scene: I was sitting at home, watching whatever mind-numbing trashy reality TV show that I watch to decompress from stress in my life when I get a phone call from Miss D. She’s out with some friends for the afternoon in our hometown. I answer the phone and immediately hear screaming….and then laughing…and then screaming. Miss D tends to laugh in sad or bad situations, so I sat there trying to get her to calm down enough so I can figure out if we need to jump in our truck and go save her!

She starts screaming “The grasshopper bit me! Grasshoppers bite! I didn’t know grasshoppers bite! A grasshopper’s venom went into my finger!”. At which point I try to interject through the screaming and yell back at her “Are you OK?”. Through the screaming and laughing she then yells “YES, I gotta go and kill this grasshopper!” and then hangs up the phone.

While my heart is pounding and my husband, Jason, comes running into the room, I took some deep breaths and thought…wow…she TRUSTS me. She called me first when she needed “help”.  She didn’t have any forethought to it, she just did it instinctively. COOL. We are making progress. Isn’t she SO sweet??? So sweet! 

I know you are all worried about her finger and the grasshopper so here’s the end of the story: Her finger is fine and the grasshopper is indeed dead. 


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