Boys (Blog #30)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom

I have three boys and Miss D. I have 2 boy dogs and a boy husband. I have 1 boy cat. And then I have Miss D and Oreo on my side of the fence, Girls! Miss D is gorgeous. I’m not sure I have mentioned this, but she is smart, beautiful, cute, athletic, and very very pretty! I didn’t make her, so I obviously am not biased. At all. 🙂  With Miss D being so amazing and outgoing, it naturally leads to boys her own age entering her life. 


When these poor boys first come to the house and meet all of us, I have to tell you, I feel so bad for them….but I also want these boys to know that she is guarded well and there is a fortress to climb to get close to her. I’m way overprotective of her. WAY. And they need to see that and know that I’ve got her back and so does the rest of the family. When a poor boy comes into our house, my husband starts in on them, then my 19-year-old son begins, and then the 15-year-old. Miss D just sits back and smiles. Then I always ask about grades and school because I’m a teacher so that tells me a lot. I may or may not ask around town if they know the family. Someone always knows someone in our small town! 🙂

Miss D is cautious with her friends and with boys. One time I asked her about her choices in boys because they aren’t “bad boys”. They are all sweet, calm, polite, from stable families, etc. She said that she does like boys who are stable. She says they are “safe”. Impactful right?  Safe. It’s so important to her. And it’s so important to me. I’ll keep you safe Miss D.

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