Can’t I Just Get a Sick Day to Myself? (Blog #7)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom

I’m technically home sick with the flu today. When I called in sick to work early this morning (before kids were awake), I was imagining that I would just be able to sit on my couch and do NOTHING and just get better and heal my physical body. Watch some DVR’d shows, a little Netflix, maybe a movie? Is that happening? Nope. Not happening. Welcome to being a mom..whether it’s foster, biological, etc.

Since that nice dream of being home sick by myself, Miss D woke up saying she is not feeling well. I’ll spare you the details. So I took my sophomore son to school and then tried to deal with Miss D and what I should do. As you know, I don’t have girls so what to do with “girl symptoms” she is experiencing. One mom friend said to just take her to Urgent Care (which the first possible time is 12:30pm) and the other mom friend said take her to the ER immediately. So, I called her doctor and they agreed with the latter friend that she needs to be seen sooner than later. Well, I can’t take her…I have the flu! Call in Jason!  But now I have to text dad and the assorted caseworkers and deal with documenting a sick kid who has a lot of stress going on in her life right now whose body does react to stress with stomach issues and other body functioning issues. The mind and body connection is real. 

But wait, then I got the phone call to pick up the sophomore, Johnny, from the high school because he’s sick. So I go and pick him up in between trips to the bathroom. But meanwhile, I’m texting previous foster moms asking about medical history on Miss D while they are in a court hearing for the younger siblings of Miss D, and while I’m doing that, I get notified that a previous student of mine just committed suicide yesterday. So then I’m reaching out to that family to see how I can help. But I can’t help them if I can’t help myself yet. 

Self-care is really important. I get that. But how do you do that when life just keeps throwing stuff at you that is more important?  Can I get some self-care priority treatment? Anyone? 

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