Crocheted Hats and A Family Auto Salvage Trip (Blog #24)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom

How do a crocheted hat and a family trip to an auto salvage yard go together? You wouldn’t think they would. Nope. But they do! 

It’s all about how Miss D fits with our family. Sometimes I swear she must be related to me because we are so similar in so many ways. When she was blonde, we had so many people comment on how much we looked alike. Of course, her hair isn’t naturally blonde, so when she goes back to her natural color, we don’t get those comments as often. (Although she did tell me that I “won” the prettiest mom contest with some kids from school…which I just rolled my eyes at). The things we say, the behaviors we have, the joy that we have of things, the “quirks” we have due to our own childhood traumas, etc. … are all similarities that would lead people to believe that we share DNA…but alas, we don’t.

I’ll start with the crocheted hats. A good friend of mine’s daughter, Miranda, was so sweet and made Miss D and I crocheted hats. My friend gave them to me and said that Miranda could add some more rows if the hats weren’t big enough. The first words out of my mouth were “My head is big so it may need to be bigger”…and then I laughed and tried it on. Later, when Miss D got home from school, I showed her the hats, and literally, the first words out of her mouth were “My head is big so it may be too small”. I started laughing and she looked at me like I was crazy…which happens somewhat often but I didn’t even realize she thought her own head was big! But, there it was…another example of how similarly we think!

The next day, my middle son was talking about needing to go to the auto salvage yard to look for my other son’s parts he needed for his new car. Sam, the middle child, says to everyone “Well, Saturday will be our family outing to the Salvage yard!”. At that moment, Miss D chimes in “FUN!”. What 8th-grade girl gets excited about going to an auto salvage yard to search for car parts? Miss D does! Sam looked at her and nodded his approval. She just scored major points with him. This weekend, Miss D and I will put on our cute rubber boots and go trudging through mud with the boys…and will probably have a darn good time doing it!

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