Employee Spotlight – Joe Meyer, Residential Care Specialist

Authored By: Dawn Burroughs, Youth Wellness and Advocacy Supervisor

Please welcome Norris in saying CONGRATULATIONS to Joe Meyer on being chosen as our January Employee Spotlight Winner!!  Thank you, Joe, for being part of our team!


How long have you worked at Norris and in what positions?  

Residential Care Specialist since December 2020.

What is your favorite Norris memory?

The fishing tournament this past summer, because it was super nice to be down by the water including staff. Dom was using my fishing pole and snagged a bass that would have been the winning fish and instead of pulling the fish in it broke the line.

What is your favorite song of all time? 

That is really hard…

Your Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring

What was the last gift that you gave to someone? 

I gave my sister a craft basket full of materials for making crafts for her birthday.

What were you like in high school? 

I was a jock football player, friends with everyone, I wasn’t clicky

If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing? 

Try to create an environment where I would have zero stress, being different everyday. Experiencing Life and taking on the journey.

What is your favorite food to prepare (or eat)? 

Anything on the grill (Steak and potatoes)

When was the last time you traveled somewhere new? 

I went to Springfield Missouri and went to the original Bass Pro Shop

How do you spend your free time?

Golfing, fishing, spending time in nature

What is your most useless talent?

Drawing tattoo ideas, and other rando

m things

Who would play you in the Lifetime original movie of your teen years?

Adam Sandler

What is the best advice that you have been given from staff when you started working here?

Always give the youth two options because it allows them the opportunity to make a decision which goes a long way.

What would be your best advice for new staff at Norris?

Don’t dwell on situations too much and trust your judgment. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

What is the last thing that you’ve done that’s worth remembering? 

I recently talked to my best friend growing up who just called me after finishing basic training. I enjoyed talking with him.

Thank you again Joe for your great work with our youth at Norris! If you would like to work alongside great people like Joe, please visit the “Join Our Team” page for current openings.