Employee Spotlight – Joseph (Joe) Dhein, Lead Youth Care Specialist

Authored by: Kevin Byrnes, Training and Recreation Therapy Coordinator

Please welcome Norris in saying CONGRATULATIONS to Joe Dhein on being chosen as our September Employee Spotlight Winner!!  Thank you Joe, for your ongoing commitment and support to our youth!!

How long have you worked at Norris and in what positions?  

I have worked at Norris since October 5th 2020. I started in the position of Youth Care Specialist at RBP and have recently transitioned to be the Second Shift Lead Youth Care Specialist. 

What is your favorite Norris memory?

My Favorite memories of my time here at Norris is helping the kids through difficult times here and at home. 

What is your favorite song of all time? 

There are way too many great songs to pick just one favorite, it depends on what mood I am in I guess.

What was the last gift that you gave to someone? 

The last gift I gave someone was a cheetah crossing sign for my parents to hang up at their new house up north. The story behind it is that my parents had a housewarming party where my aunts and uncles were invited. While my parents were talking about a time they saw a bobcat my aunt asked if bobcats and cheetahs were the same thing. So naturally I had to buy a cheetah crossing sign for them to hang up for the next time my aunt is up there visiting. 

What were you like in high school? 

In high school I was well liked by most of my classmates. I had some friends in all the different “cliques”. I tried to be funny and mainly focused my energy on football, wrestling, and passing my classes. Sports were very important to me back then and I am still involved in coaching wrestling at my old high school. 

If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing? 

Honestly this is a topic that I have been over several times in my head. I always said that if I won the lottery and didn’t have to work anymore I would buy a gas station and hire employees to work and run the store and I would show up when I was bored and work the cash register to have human interactions. Now, after working here and at the boys and girls club before here I would really like to do something with kids helping them grow and find their own paths in life. 

What is your favorite food to prepare (or eat)? 

Pizza, there are so many different options. 

When was the last time you traveled somewhere new? 

Besides visiting my family up north recently, in 2018 I went to L.A. for a week to visit an old college friend and a week later went to Europe (London, Paris, and Rome) for a week. 

How do you spend your free time?

I spend most of my free time playing video games right now. 

What is your most useless talent?

My most useless (and disgusting) talent is the ability to burp on command. 

Who would play you in the Lifetime original movie of your teen years?

Ryan Renoylds or Chris Farley 

What is the best advice that you have been given from staff when you started working here?

Remember we are here for the kids.

What would be your best advice for new staff at Norris?

This job can drain you if you let it, working with the kids is very difficult at times and it can be so rewarding when you see the successes of what we do here. 

What is the last thing that you’ve done that’s worth remembering? 

Spending time with my family

Thank you again Joe for your great work with our youth at Norris! If you would like to work alongside great people like Joe, please visit the “Join Our Team” page for current openings.