Foster Parents Retire after Nine Years

Author:  Teresa Cocker, Chief Program Officer

“We got into foster care because we care about kids.  We would like to see more foster children graduate from school, get jobs and be successful in life.”  This is how Donna and Verlin begin their Foster Parent Introduction, which is a document shared with foster youth, their families and county case managers.  Donna and Verlin have been foster parents with Norris since 2018 and had 4 years of experiencing fostering prior to that.  They recently decided to retire as foster parents after providing safety, stability and love to over a dozen youth over the past nine years.

The Norris Beyond Fostering TFC program began in 2017 and Donna and Verlin were the first foster parents licensed in the program.  They were proud of this fact and in addition to providing a safe place for youth in their home, they were also active in helping Norris recruit more foster families.  They were eager to share their experiences and dispel myths whether that be during a radio interview or a community training.  They also provided sound advice and support to other foster parents who experienced struggles.

Norris staff had the opportunity to celebrate with Donna and Verlin last week.  We spent time reminiscing and then presented them with an appreciation gift.  We wish them the best of luck as they start this new chapter and are grateful they were part of our team.

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