How planning a Quinceañera shows commitment to Miss D and her future! (Blog #26)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom


When we met Miss D at age 12, within the first 2 hours of meeting her,  she was talking about her Quinceañera. What her dress would look like. What her colors were going to be. Where she might want it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mexican culture, a Quinceañera is a Hispanic tradition of celebrating a young girl’s coming of age – her 15th birthday. I explain it to some people saying it’s like a Sweet 16 party. It’s way more than that, but it gets people to understand it at least at a surface level. 


Well, Miss D just turned 14. A Quinceañera party is one year away. She lives with us. We take care of her. We provide for her and give her all that she wants, needs, and desires. So, of course, we have to give her a Quinceañera. I have talked to friends of mine from Mexico and Puerto Ric0, a Spanish-speaking mom’s group that I participate in,  and the wonderful dressmaker in Delavan! They assured me that planning the party and ordering a dress 10 months in advance wasn’t “too much”. 


But think about this, we are planning a party for Miss D a year out. So many times, when you foster, the future is never secure. Would something happen where she would leave our home? It’s a really scary thought for foster parents and for foster kids. You can never depend on the future. But, we’ve decided to take the leap of faith and start planning. Miss D is a “actions speak louder than words” type of girl. We wanted to prove to her that we are going to TRY and control her future for the next year. That no matter what, she will have this party. We talked to a banquet facility (luckily Miss D and my son, Johnny, work there), put a deposit on a dress, and are starting to plan for this party. We talked to dad about it and got his input as well. We are putting our faith in the future with Miss D. No matter what. Hopefully, she sees our “action” as, at least, some kind of security for her future.

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