My New BFF (Blog #3)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom

With the arrival of Miss D to our household, we instantly acquired a new “Big Fat Family”(BFF)! (“Fat”, as in expansive/numerous…not people needing a diet!) Miss D has many siblings, and those siblings are in six different homes. I knew one of the foster moms (due to respite visits we’ve had with Miss D, but not any of the rest). I started with her contact information, then the slow ripple effect of all other contacts happened! I never expected to have a built-in support system where I have a new BFF! We are diverse! We come from the city, from the country, different cultures, different religions, different races, different backgrounds, but we are all now part of a larger community of support and family. 

I’ve heard horror stories of foster families taking advantage of the system, doing it for the wrong reasons, etc, but every foster family that I’ve met within my BFF has the heart of gold and truly goes out of their way for this family and these kids. They are here to support each other and support all the kids, not just the ones that are in their homes. One of the kiddos had a birthday party this weekend, and we were all there. I brought snacks and drinks, another mom brought a cake, and most importantly, we all brought the kids so the little boy had a great birthday with his brothers and sisters. I’d never been to a birthday quite like this one, but what an amazing and humbling event.

It made me think of the world and of humanity.  What a world to live in when people care for children, regardless of bloodlines! Politics and agendas are pushed aside. Biases are erased. This gives me hope in the world and hope for our kids in Wisconsin. If we can all agree to do what’s best for our communal kids, imagine what the world can be. My new BFF is a microcosm of what I want the world to be. What I want my biological and foster kids to grow up and be a part of. Where people treasure our kids and we do what we can to make it better for all kids. 

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  1. fantastic work well done thank you

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