Oreo the Cat (Blog #9)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom

How? How did we end up with a cat? I feel like we were hoodwinked. The definition of “hoodwinked” is to “trick or outwit”. Yes, we were definitely outwitted by Miss D.

My answer to a cat was “no”. Same as when she asked for chickens: No. Easy decision: No, nada, nope, nuh-uh, no way, no. This reminds me of my favorite Tracy Morgan meme…just type in “Tracy Morgan no” and you will find it.  🙂

I say this as Oreo (the new kitten) is currently laying on my arm as I type this blog. Back to the question: How did this happen? I’m not exactly sure. It was, I feel, a very slow and methodical plan by Miss D. She’s smart. I don’t know if I’ve clearly said this before…she’s super smart. 

After my first, second, third and fourth “no”, bargaining started happening. “I’ll pay for the cat, I’ll clean my room, I’ll take care of it, I’ll learn responsibility.” My answer at this point was still “no”.

Then, Jason took her to find the prices for all the things she would need for a cat…so she could better understand the cost. Then her room got cleaned. Then her room got re-organized to make room for a kitty litter box. Then she was showing us pictures of kitties from the shelter who needed to be saved. The answer? Still “no”.

What was the final nail in the coffin on us not being able to say no anymore? When we were driving, Miss D says “I just always wanted a cat. Something to call my own. Someone I can talk to when there’s no one else.”. 

 And here’s the clincher: “I’m finally in a stable enough place where I can have a pet without me worrying that I’ll have to move and lose my best friend”.

Welcome home, Oreo!

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  1. So sweet!

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