Our Creative Make-up Artist/Caseworker! (Blog #23)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom

Miss D has been in the foster care system for five years. She doesn’t like to overly spend time with foster care caseworkers. She views them as people who she is “forced” to talk to and interact with. Honestly, her caseworkers have been really great people. They even are “younger” females and you would think that Daniela would want to connect with them, but nope. 

Our Norris caseworker, when she comes over, is met with Miss D being very polite to her, yet is constantly looking at the clock and after exactly one hour, she asked if she can be done. I mentioned to the caseworker that we should get creative with these visits. I want Miss D to be able to connect with her caseworker so she can have an advocate and know that the caseworker will be in her corner. As a teacher, I know that when kids are actively doing things with an adult they tend to talk and open up more. We needed to get Miss D doing something she loves and at the same time getting support and guidance during her foster journey from her caseworker. 

Miss D loves makeup. Putting it on herself and putting it on others. Her caseworker also loves makeup. Kori, the caseworker, decided to ask Miss D if she wanted her makeup done during her next visit. Miss D perked up immediately. The next visit came around and Kori came with a suitcase of makeup supplies. Yes, I’m serious, it looks like a small suitcase! Kori and Miss D set up shop in our living room, and my husband and I vacated the area to give them space. For the next hour and a half, when I would walk by, I could hear them chatting and talking about life. I’m sure Kori was guiding the conversation, but it was so cool to watch! 

I love our caseworker for being creative. For figuring out a way to engage Miss D in her visits. Miss D LOVED it. The next visit is going to be Kori and Miss D practicing softball because who knew that Kori loves coaching and playing softball?!



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