Put the safety pin down! Do not pierce your sister’s nose! (Blog #13)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom

This blog is for mere entertainment! This past weekend I was working at an event for families who are Spanish speaking who have children with hearing loss. I was in a parent group and my phone went off. I saw that it was from “foster mom 5” (There are six of us, so to keep things a little clearer; I’ve chronologically ordered them from the oldest kids to the youngest kids) but I ignored the call because I was working! 30 seconds later I got a call from “foster mom 4”. At that point, I had to tell the group that I must have a home situation going on and excused myself.

Foster Mom 4 told me that Miss D and her younger sister (Miss L) were live on Instagram and were just about to pierce Miss L’s  nose. Since I was out of town, I didn’t even know that Miss L was at our house, let alone ready to pierce a nose! I immediately then called Miss D and when she picked up I screamed “PUT THE SAFETY PIN DOWN! Do not pierce anyone’s nose, including your own!”. Miss D said “What??? We aren’t piercing noses, we are popping zits!”

My questions are: Why are you popping your sister’s zits?, Why are you putting that on Instagram Live?, and WHY, for goodness sakes, would anyone ever want to watch you do this???

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