Shaving legs…who would have thought? (Blog #37)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom


There I was, Miss D sitting on the edge of the tub in her shorts, and me leaning over the side of the tub shaving her legs. How. Did. This. Happen?? Three years ago, fostering wasn’t even in my thought processes! I was still in grad school, working full time, raising three kids, coaching, teaching sign language, and COVID wasn’t even a thing yet.  And now, here I am, shaving a 14-year-old girl’s legs.

I’d like to say that my life just went out of control, but since fostering, it’s pretty much the same. Once you raise three kids, adding a fourth isn’t so bad. You already know how to parent, you’ve got your household routines down, and one more kid doesn’t add THAT much more garbage (literally…garbage). Have I ever mentioned that teens are smelly? Even girls I’ve found out. They all smell at some point. And, they are all hairy…even the girls. Sorry, Miss D., I don’t know if she’ll get around to reading this blog, but, girls are hairy too.

This blog may seem like I’m rambling, but the point of this blog is that you should never limit your future. Always say yes to a new adventure. Don’t let others scare you into not trying something. Take that leap because you might be lucky enough to one day help shave your new daughter’s legs.  



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