The “M” word (Blog #29)

Author:  Julie H., Foster Mom

If you missed my last post about the “A” word, go back and read/watch about the “A” word. This post is about the “M” word. Mom. A simple word. Three Letters. One syllable. One of the first words a baby can say. (if we are lucky and they don’t say “dad” first).  Easily formed on the lips. Easily heard. Easily used. Mom.

But in the foster world…Woah…it’s a big, fat, complicated word. It’s a word of passage. It’s a word of trust. It’s a word of commitment. It’s a word of acceptance. It’s one of the most powerful words. With my other three children, that word has been around since their birth. It’s part of who they are. They use it often. They yell it, say it, shout it, condense it to “ma”, etc. With Miss D…it’s a far different journey.

She has a birth mom. That’s her mom. Duh. So who am I to tell her when and how to use the word “mom”?  So I just wait. And people who know me know that is not easy for me. I’m a gal of action. But here, I wait. 

Then….I got a text from Miss D one day recently. “I’m just going to call you mom because it’s there”. My heart leapt. I showed my husband. That’s big. BIG. Is my husband jealous? No. He said Miss D has a dad. That’s her dad. He said he will be whatever Miss D wants him to be but he will still do everything for her no matter the “D” word!

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  1. Thank you for discussing the term mom and foster care together. I want to give back this year and I love children. I will find a great foster parent service in my area to help.

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