Residential Treatment Services

To access Residential Treatment Services at River’s Edge Campus and River Bend Place, a referral must be made by a child welfare or juvenile justice worker from the county in which the youth resides.  Please review our list of information that is required in writing for a youth to be considered for placement and prior to scheduling a pre-placement interview with the youth. 

Assessing a youth’s appropriateness for placement is a collaborative effort amongst group care and clinical team leaders. In addition to the referral information submitted, a youth’s treatment needs and safety factors are compared to those of the youth currently in care. While a youth’s willingness to openly engage in their pre-placement interview is important, it is not the deciding factor when making a placement determination. Once a youth is determined to be eligible for services by program staff, a juvenile court judge must then make an order for placement.


Being away from home is almost certainly overwhelming for youth and their families. The staff at River’s Edge Campus and River Bend Place aim to alleviate some of those feelings by making our admissions  process as planful and deliberate as possible.

Prior to admission, families receive a packet containing necessary consent forms as well as a list of what items youth can and should bring with them. Families are encouraged to attend and participate in their child’s admission, and every attempt is made to accommodate families’ schedules.  Below you will find links to some of the resources provided to youth and families upon admission.

While requests for placement at a specific campus are considered, placement decisions are at the discretion of the Admissions Coordinator and are dependent upon program compatibility as well as current census. For questions or to refer a youth for Residential Treatment Services, please contact: