David Tuttle

David Tuttle, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Dave is responsible for the business services and financial operations of Norris. He attended UW-LaCrosse to obtain his BS degree in Business Administration/minor in Accounting and holds his MBA degree from UW-Whitewater. Dave has been employed at Norris for over 31 years and has worked in the Business/Finance area for the past 30 years.
Dave began his journey in 1985 where he worked as a Norris Youth Care worker, left for a number of years, and returned to Norris as the Accountant (1993), the Director of Accounting and MIS (1998) and in his current role as CFO (2016-present). He has been involved in the development of Norris as an agency serving in several positions including the Norris School Board (1996-2020), as part of the development of the Norris Academy and as part of the Norris executive team since 1998. He has also spent time serving on the CESA #1 Board of Directors and as a Director of the Mukwonago Girls Basketball Club.

Having been raised on the Norris campus, Dave’s experiences include many activities with Norris youth and staff such as involvement in Norris sports, graduations, and holiday/family celebrations. His experiences as an employee and campus resident has developed his appreciation and passion for serving the needs of those living and learning at Norris. Dave and his wife raised two children that played college basketball and baseball, and lived on the Norris campus for 25 years enjoying photography, fishing, and biking/hiking in the natural settings of Norris.

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